The Small Town in MOKS

The Small Town in MOKS is my attempt to capture some of the photogenic aspects of the rural heritage of MOKS.

MOKS is my name for the area within a half days drive of the Missouri River in Missouri (MO) and Kansas (KS).

I have assembled a new album of photographs showing the state of various small towns in the Region. I make no apologies for its emphasis on signs of retrenchment and abandonment. It seems that thriving main streets look garish and chaotic compared with scenes of closure. Also I hope that I am providing some service by presenting what is or will soon become an historic records of the way things were.

Having said that here is a positive image to encourage you to visit the album:


And here is a more nostalgic one of a scene that no longer exists as the grain elevator was demolished last year.


Or this one that is the result of some heavy use of filters in Photoshop


You may have noticed that this new album is located at a different web site – For a time my photos will be distributed between this site and the one that you are presently on – Consolidation into one site is underway – more on that later.


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